Prawn Gravy

Prawns are the best of seafood to me, being born and brought up in a coastal area, I was always lucky enough to have the fresh and best seafood. When it comes to prawns, it’s simply irresistible for me. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t like prawns. Even if you hate prawns, once if you try this South Indian version of spicy prawn gravy, I’m sure you’ll start loving it. So common try this spicy gravy for your dinner tonight.

From the original site: Most of the time I cook in a hurry and I end up in making my usual style of curries and gravies. This time when I was buying the prawns itself I made up mind that no excuses today. So finally I tried her prawn gravy with few variations and it was just amazing. This easy peasy gravy is surely a keeper for me.

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>>Get the Recipe: Prawn Gravy

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