Spelt salad with cranberries

This salad with spelt is not only extremely healthy and good for you, it is also delicious. The nutty flavor of the spelt, combined with the slight sweetness of the cranberries and the crunchy saltiness of the halloumi is just perfect!

From the original site:

How often do you read all those ingredient labels on the foods you buy packaged? Never? Do you study them meticulously for any weird ingredients or do you just go with the thought that if it’s in a bottle it must be checked and good for you? I would like to say I am of the first variety but truth be told I think I am probably sort of in the middle of those two extremes. Not too long ago we ate quite a bit from packages, we used premade mixes for curries or whatever else we were eating. I think I told you that before already. However, I can say that over the last couple of years we have started to eat more and more wholefoods. Getting the entire vegetable instead of the pre-cut, pre-washed plastic bags. it’s a lot cheaper for one and it stays fresh for an infinitely longer time too.

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