Spicy Indian Sushi

Who says Sushi can be made with only uncooked sea-food or raw vegetables? My little parcels of joy can change the way we eat indian food…………….more

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I always craved for some spicy Sushi and being a fond lover of Indian food I longed to indianise the Sushi………………… more

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Food is my passion and I love to cook and blog and share my recipes with all foodies like me as well as everyone. I love to experiment with new recipes and enjoy creating new dishes. Therefore blogging helps me share not only recipes of traditional dishes that my family and I enjoy but also new dishes that I create on my own. Born in a large family in India where each state revels for its cooking tradition, I developed a taste for good food from a very early age. I enjoyed my mom's cooking but never really learnt to cook until I got married into a family of foodies, when the journey began.......

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