Spoiled Daughter Sandwich

Yes I admit up front that I spoil my daughter Marina. Can’t help it, I adore her and she is so sweet it’s easy to go that extra step. When she was little and had sleepovers I’d bring the girls breakfast in bed; usually pancakes. When we moved to Florida, her bedroom was right next to the kitchen so school mornings I’d wake her up with a bowl of cereal in hand. Now that she is a senior in high school and has a very busy life of her own there’s precious little opportunity to give her personal treats. So when she declared Subway’s Teriyaki Chicken Sub with sweet onion sauce her absolute favorite I couldn’t resist trying to come up with something close for her school lunches.

From the original site: These Spoiled Daughter Sandwiches are really yummy and are super to serve when you have people over to watch a game or for spring and summer picnics.


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