Spotlight: Basic Tomato Sauce

We are all about the Basics here at Foodwhirl…  Part of becoming a great cook is mastering the go-to recipes that you can then change up and give your own spin.  Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes has a recipe for basic tomato sauce that looks fresh and inviting!

Janelle says: It’s official: I make my own tomato sauce. Not that I used jarred versions before, but now I seem to use A LOT of tomato sauce, making it constantly, with batches to fill my freezer and frequently—even daily—it seems I have a simmering pan full of tomatoes on the stove top. Which, if you think about the name of my blog and the country in which I currently reside… makes a lot perfect sense!

The kitchen here (in our apartment in Florence, Italy) is without a microwave, Cuisinart, kitchen aid, mixer, hand-held mixer, immersion blender, small chopper, and quite frankly even a good knife. I know—you didn’t feel sorry for me until I said knife. Wielding a good knife covers a multitude of kitchen inadequacies. I have one knife that seems like it is 2 feet long and about 1/2 inch high (god forbid I turn quickly and slice off my kitchen curtains). Another knife is serrated… on both sides. And my third and last knife has a decent blade, but the handle is warped from the dishwasher and pinches the skin between my thumb and forefinger… but who am I to complain? I am cooking in Italy, living abroad, and trying seasonal and local ingredients in Tuscany.

Ah, to be cooking in Italy… I’m so envious!    Read the whole thing and get the recipe here…


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