Spotlight: Enfrijolitas and Roasted Cabbage

Wisdom of the Moon is a great blog that I love to link to on my arts/crafts blog, and she does great recipes as well. I love this post which not only covers the main dish “Enfrijolitas”, some special ingredient techniques for chipotles in adobo.. and a quite yummy (I’ve tried it myself!) recipe for the side of Roast Cabbage (which I now use as a template for all my roasted veggies when they need a Mexican style.)

Ever since Jeff found Rick Bayless’ recipe for enfrijoladas, it’s become a staple around our house. While it isn’t particularly quick, it is incredibly easy. The amount of actual effort required on my part is so small that I make it pretty often. Really, it takes like 3 minutes to get everything in the pot. It’s also yummy and the perfect comfort food, especially since it’s full of protein and fiber instead of processed starches.

It’s also one of two recipes that Sean (our oldest- 19) asked how to make on a recent visit home, which I feel is a ringing endorsement.

If you’ve got a pressure cooker, you can do these in less than an hour. If not, you could cook them in a slow cooker all day. Obviously, you can also do these on the stove top for several hours, but you’ll have to plan your day accordingly. My pressure cooker is one of my best friends in the kitchen. It makes it super easy to cook dried beans, which are healthy, healthy, healthy and cheap, cheap, cheap.

Go read the whole thing, with very detailed instructions… and also the cabbage side dish!

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