Spotlight – How to make Sausage Rolls

Joanne, from Ready, Set, Craft! is exploring her British roots, and brings us this great tutorial for sausage rolls… These look very good.  I could definitely see them as a party appetizer.

Joanne Says:

Over Superbowl weekend I tackled Sausage Rolls! A long-standing party snack in my parents’ house, I’ve been eating sausage rolls since I can remember. In England you could swing into any bakery and pick up an extra-large, warm and flaky sausage roll as a snack, or stop into just about any convenience store and find prepackaged sausage rolls right next to the sandwiches to go.

I absolutely lurve sausage rolls!

The closest thing I can equate them to in the US are pigs in a blanket… but they are SO MUCH BETTER than any pig in a blanket you could possibly make. I’m dead serious! Don’t be offended… these are just better! : )

And perhaps the best thing about sausage rolls (as I discovered just recently)? They are pretty darn easy to make! That’s the kind of food I love to make… the EASY kind!

Go read the whole thing.. she’s got great step by step pictures, too!

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