Spotlight: Make Challah Bread

Reader Allison of Radishes and Rhubarb sends us this lovely recipe for challah bread, and how she had the revelation that making her own bread was a do-able thing. Some great insights here, and it’s totally inspired me to make my own artisan bread. (Especially because I think Challah bread would be great for Waffled French Toast!)

The thing about bread making for most home cooks is that it is such a dauntingly long and labourious process that most are either intimidated by the process or can’t be bothered to invest the time it takes just to get one loaf. This book absolutely changes that. It makes bread making accessible, easy and completely worth the effort.

As many of you have already gleaned from my earlier posts I am a big proponent of making things at home and avoiding processed food as much as possible. I think it is better for our bodies, better for the environment, and better for the family unit as a whole to be exposed to and involved in the process of getting fresh and real food to the table.

However, as much as I believe in that philosophy I was not undertaking to make my own bread all the time. I still will not claim that I have completely converted on that point, but I will say that I make it much more often.

Go get inspired! Read the whole thing at Radishes and Rhubarb, and get the recipe!

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