Spotlight: St Pats Day Maki!

I was out looking around for interesting things to do with corned beef and cabbage, and ran across this fabulous idea from The Cooking of Joy (one of my new fave food blogs!)..  How do you combine sushi and St. Patrick’s Day?  With St. Patty’s Day Maki, of course!

Joy says:

So after I blogged about receiving cabbage in my bi-weekly Boston Organics delivery and asked what to do with it, I had multiple people suggest making corned beef and cabbage since St. Patrick’s Day was coming up. Well, I’m not really into boiled dinners (other than ramen, haha), but I did see this link on for corned beef and cabbage rolls and thought it was a cute idea. The dipping sauce seemed a little difficult to make, however, compared to the ease of making the rolls so skipped that part and decided to add mashed potatoes inside the rolls instead so it would look more like a normal maki roll.


Read the whole thing,

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