Rolled Flank Steak

Loving this delish looking rolled steak from Foodwhirl favorite,  Talk of Tomatoes.

I had so much fun making this rolled steak. Sure, I splurge on the finer cuts, but weekday and budget-practical meals means ‘less choice cuts’ make more regular debuts. This is one of my favorite ways to serve up a gussied up flank steak. I played around, filling it will different innards. My favorite lining was a mixture of bread crumbs, goat cheese, garlic, Parmesan and arugula (I didn’t measure; I just shmooshed together a bit of each until I had a semi-spreadable texture, then topped with fresh arugula and rolled).

She makes it look easy!  Go check it out…

Get the recipe:   flank steak: tucked and rolled.

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