Superfoods energy bites

Energy bites full of superfoods like maca, lucuma, carob powder and more! Ideal for outdoor activities or just as a snack!

From the original site:

As I mentioned in one of my previous post (Energising green smoothie), you can get from superfoods so many nutrients, but make sure you have them raw.

My kids are in all kinds of sports. Dance, karate, ski, swimming… sometimes they just have to have food when they come back! :-) To make sure they just don’t grab any unhealthy food (because even though I do my best to have an healthy diet, I’m like most of you, I buy JUNK food! :-) Not a lot but I might have a bag of cookies hanging around that I try to put away, but they always manage to find their way to it when they’re hungry!)

Get the Recipe: Superfoods energy bites

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