Tres Leches Pancakes

My awesomely cool friend Rachel pointed out these on her Facebook, and I had to link them here.  We’ve featured Tres Leches Cake here before (yay, Niki!)  but I know some of you won’t go bake a cake.  But everyone makes pancakes, right?  They aren’t scary.  So check out these Tres Leches Pancakes from Giver’s Log!  Easy and tasty, what’s not to love!?

Have you ever had tres leches cake? For anyone who hasn’t, it’s heaven. You take a yellow cake and drench it in three kinds of cream. Pretty good idea, right?

I’ve been craving all things latino even more since my aunt visited. I miss her!

So I had this thought last week that I’d like to try tres leches pancakes, I thought it was worth pursuing. I took a stack of hot pancakes, layered them with fruit, and poured on a bled of three creams until they were bien mojado—nice and wet. They turned out to be pretty good (pancakes and cream? what a surprise).

Go read the whole thing, and get the how to!

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