Vanilla Ice Cream with Balsamic Strawberries

Made this with my eight year old on a “very bored” summer afternoon. It’s a very simple vanilla ice cream with a swirl of roasted balsamic strawberries running through it, giving it just the right tartness and complementing its sweetness.This ice cream is perfect for a “cool” Mothers’ Day celebrations.

From the original site: Saee immediately sprung into action and started assembling ingredients (like mother, like daughter). Look Aai, Let’s make easy ice creams, my darling daughter was on an ice cream making spree. She wanted to make all the three flavours, strawberry, vanilla and pistachio. I had to literally shake her to take her out of her trance and to make her see the right way…urrr which (in my home) is my way (always :D). Somehow I managed to convince her to make just one flavour, vanilla, and then I zanzied it up by swirling my balsamic strawberries into it. The result was absolutely delicious, with chunks of strawberries in every bite and the balsamic vinegar provided just the right tartness to the sweet ice cream. If you don’t have any balsamic strawberries, don’t worry you can alternately use any preserves or even jams, store bought or homemade.

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