Vegetable Tahari / Tehari / Tehri is a famous delectable North Indian delicacy of rice cooked along with vegetable and mild spices making it healthy and comforting one pot meal. It’s a wholesome meal on its own, where spicy vegetables and aromatic rice are cooked together and best served with a plain curd to mellow down the heat of this spicy rice.This humble vegetable Tehari recipe finds it’s links in the Indian province of Uttar Pardesh (UP), Mainly a huge Muslim meat-eating part of the country, this was one of their very rare and treasured rice and vegetable dishes.This recipe is very similar to Veg Pulao recipe. There are two basic differences in making. First difference is the use of spices in Tahari and second difference is the cooking method, which is substantially different. Rice and vegetables cooked together in Tehri recipe. By this process rice, vegetables and spices are well mixed together, Whereas in Pulao the rice is fried in ghee and then cooked.

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