Bacon! Bacon + Cupcake = Yum!

Twitter friend @rit responded to our call for Bacon Related Goodies for Bacon Week, with this lovely idea! (Well, technically he started out with the idea of French Toast Bread Pudding with Bacon… anyone want to take on that challenge?). Danae, aka The Busty Baker came up with this delish sounding recipe for French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes.. .she even won a competition with them. I must say they look quite tasty!

The Busty Baker writes:

So Bacon in a cupcake actually works! One of the judges–the owner of Sassafras Bakery!–told me after the event that she voted for me because my cupcakes hit all the senses. I have to say I kind of agree. Maybe I’m just a little biased, but I thought they looked pretty! And smelled really good. Very maple-y. The taste was pretty awesome too! Sweet maple flavor with a hint of spice from the cinnamon, and a blast of saltiness from the bacon. Mmm. But I guess that’s not really all the senses.. Maybe the wrapper felt nice and soft when you held it in your hand? And if you listen closely, you might be able to hear the bacon sizzling in the pan (or microwave..)? Ah, who cares about touch and hearing! They’re not important!

The moral of the story? Always push yourself to try something new. Who would have thought I’d ever make a Bacon flavored cupcake? And who would have thought other people would like it? Enough to award me a prize. I certainly didn’t know. But I gave it a shot, and worked hard to make it the best I could, and look where it got me! So, challenge yourself. Everyday. You never know when or how you’ll be rewarded.

Get the recipe for French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes here!

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