Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrot Halwa is one of the most famous and delicious Indian sweet dishes. I have heard from one of my north Indian friend that It was first introducedcarrot halwa during the Mughal period and the name originates from an Arabic word “Halwa”, which means “sweet” and it is made from carrot so that it is known as Gajar ka Halwa (meaning pudding of carrot or Halwa of carrot). It is also a traditional indian dessert that uses carrot in a unique way.
My kids loves carrot very much . I used to pepare often.


Carrot – 250 Gm
Milk – 250 Ml
Ghee – 2 Tsp
Sugar – 150 Gm
Cardamom – 5
Raisins – 10
Cashews – 15


Wash the carrot well and trim both ends.
Peel off the skin and using grater, grate all the carrots.
Heat a Non stick pan and add the grated carrots, pour milk.
Allow to cook by covering(not fully) a pan for sometimes in a medium flame.
Often open and check whether the carrots are cooked in the milk.
Once it cooked and the milk absorbed, add sugar and stir well.
Let the sugar gets dissolved and add 3 tsp of ghee.
Now the sugar will dilute mixture again so we need to stir slowly in a circular motion.
Continous stir makes the carrot and milk mixture to be thicken and tight.
Finally it will become a ball and it wont stick in the pan.
This is the right stage to switch off the flame.
Now in another pan add 1 Tsp of ghee and add crushed cardamom, raisins, cashews.
Fry and add to the Halwa and mix it.
Transfer the carrot Halwa to a serving bowl.
Enjoy the Carrot Halwa dessert by refrigerated.
Note : Use only Non Stick pan or kadai for easy preparation.

I’m Priya Alagappan lives in UK with my family. Cooking is one of my hobbies. I love to cook different varities of food at home.I started cooking at the age of 16. Till now I have not stopped cooking. 20141026_203348 My Grand Mother , when she was young used to go cookery classes during 1960’s and she usually prepared various cuisines. My mother hails form kanyakumari district and thus she used to cook Kerala and South Tamilnadu food. My mother- in- law hails from Chettinad and lives in Coimbatore. She cooks both Chettinad and Coimbatore region dishes. So I have learnt most of the recipes from all of my family members.
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