Here comes Peter Cottontail

This cake holds so many memories for me.  As a child, we made a version of this every year at Easter.  What I love about it is the simplicity of the design – even a child can pull this off.  You don’t have to be a professional to make this simple little bunny shaped cake, you just need a couple of 8-inch round cake pans and a knife.

Usually you see this cake frosted and dusted with coconut.  My husband and son are not fans of coconut, though, so I chose to dust mine this year with grated white chocolate.  The effect is very similar, and the flavor is just divine.

For the cake, I baked a Pink Lady Cake, using fresh strawberries.  You can find the recipe over at my other site: life, in recipes.  The strawberries are just lovely right now, so I also made a batch of strawberry curd to serve along side the cake.

To make the bunny, bake a cake using two 8-inch round cake pans.  You can use any recipe you like, although you want something that’s going to stand up to being cut up later on (so nothing too crumbly).

Once you’ve baked and cooled your cakes, you want to take one of the cake rounds and cut two crescent-shaped segments on either side.  These will serve as your ears. You will be left with the center portion, which resembles a bow-tie.  You can either use this piece, giving your bunny a sophisticated air (a dapper Easter bunny in a tuxedo), or you can reserve it and use it in a trifle or something.  As you can see, I chose not to dress my bunny up this year.

At this point, frost the entire thing using butter cream or cream-cheese frosting.  Once you’ve got the whole thing frosted, you can decorate it however you want.  I mixed up a small batch of powdered-sugar icing (1 cup of powdered sugar mixed with about a tablespoon of milk) and colored half of it pink and half of it blue.  I used this for the bunny’s ears, nose and eyes.  For the pupils, I stuck a couple of chocolate-chips upside down in the middle of the blue icing.

To give him fur, I grated 4 oz. of white chocolate on my handy-dandy box grater and sprinkled it all over his face, ears, and the sides of the cake.  I was careful to avoid his eyes, nose and mouth.

What you’re left with is a sweet, simple Easter bunny that your children will adore.  I’m relatively challenged when it comes to decorating cakes (I’m a great baker, just not so much on the decorating side of things), and even I can do this without too much trouble.

So, if you’re looking for something fun and whimsical to serve for Easter dessert, this cake is just the thing!


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