Homemade Sweets: Cute Bunny Treats

If your kids are like mine, one of their main driving forces in life is the pursuit of dessert. They’re gonna ask for candy, so might as well give ’em homemade sweet treats. These cute bunnies are quick and simple, and a great project to make with your kids.


1 cup white candy melts
1 cup coconut
Goldfish S’mores Crackers
Chocolate chips
Heart-shaped sprinkles

How to make them:

Melt the candy melts in the microwave, according to package instructions. When they’re completely melted, stir in the coconut.

To assemble the bunny face: put two goldfish cookies on as ears, two chocolate chips as eyes (wider apart eyes give that cute Japanese anime character look), an upside-down heart for nose.


Decorations: I used what I had on hand to decorate these, so substitute with whatever candy you have on hand to make the features.

Other ingredients: If you’re not a fan of coconut, you can use pretty much anything as a stir-in for these guys (cereal, oatmeal, nuts, etc.) and they’ll taste great. Or, just make smooth bunnies with circles of poured candy melt.

To add flavoring: make sure you use a flavor oil (instead of an extract). You can find these in the candy-making aisle of your craft store.

About Heather: I love simple projects with big impact! I blog about fun food and cooking with toddlers at CROQ zine, and simple craft projects at Dollar Store Crafts.

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