irish car bomb guinness stout ice cream

Irish Car Bomb Ice-cream Sundae

So, you want a dessert with an Irish twist for St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe something tasty for the adults? Look no further! This ice cream dessert is fabulous.

irish car bomb guinness stout ice cream

The story:

A while back we had lunch at Six Feet Under across from Oakland Cemetery, and they had something similar to this for dessert. It was incredible, so I’ve been planning to replicate it ever since. So here we have it.. homemade Guinness Stout Ice-cream, topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Irish whiskey. That’s it. Simple and incredibly good.

It’s inspired by the drink known as the Irish Car Bomb, which is a shot of Irish cream and Irish whiskey, dropped into a pint of stout, and then drunk very quickly. I’m personally not a fan, but among our crowd it is a favorite (dangerous) party drink. Trust me, this dessert is even better. Wanna see how we did it? Read on..

Since I was going to attempt this and document it for Foodwhirl, I figured I needed to invite over a few adults to help me with the consuming of the results. And, since this dessert has a pretty politically incorrect sounding name, I figured I’d better make sure I had Irish buy in. After finishing off the leftover Guinness, I had agreement from “Kelli the Very Irish” that it was not offensive.

Make the Guiness Icecream:

First off, we needed ice-cream. I chose Emiril’s recipe to work from, as it looked like a good one, that didn’t actually require a farmhouse full of eggs.
Here’s the ingredients I used… It ain’t lo-cal.
# 12 ounces Guinness stout
# 2 cups heavy cream
# 2 cups whole milk
# 3/4 cup granulated sugar
# 1/2 teas vanilla extract.
# 6 egg yolks

First you need to reduce your Guinness.. your whole kitchen will smell like beer, but in a good way. Simmering for about 8 minutes worked for me to reduce down to about 3/4 of the original 12 oz.
Separate by moving from shell half to shell half

Separate by moving from shell half to shell half

Separate by draining throw fingers

Separate by draining throw fingers

While that was reducing I separated the eggs…which I’ve gotten to be quite good at… Remember to use 3 bowls.. 1 for the current egg white, one for the yolks, and one for the whites. There are egg separators to help, but I generally just move the egg yolk back and forth between the shell halves, or drain off the white through my fingers.

Next you’re going to make your basic custard.

This is the same process you use to make eggnog and a lot of other things. Heat your milk, cream, and sugar to just boiling.I like to use my kitchen aide mixer for this… I beat my eggs, then slowly slowly add the hot cream mixture to the eggs, tempering so that they don’t curdle. It’s scary the first time, just go slow at the beginning. Once you’ve incorporated all of your milk mixture into the eggs, return to the stove and slowly heat back up to ~170F.

At this point one of my intrepid helpers pointed out to me that the recipe said to chill for 2 hours. I figured we could do an ice water bath for the mixture and skimp on that time frame.

There's nothing wrong with waiting, right!?

We chilled it down, then added our Guiness reduction. In retrospect, I really should have made the custard the day before and had it thoroughly chilled.

Now, pull out your ice-cream maker and freeze according to it’s directions. Here we use the ice-cream maker attachment for my much loved Kitchen Aide Mixer. And… we had a little bit of an issue. Because it’s basically a frozen bowl, not something that you can add additional ice or cold to, we needed the mixture really cold to start with. So our icecream was NOT done in 30 minutes, in fact it was basically a slushy after 1 hr. So I threw the whole thing in the freezer (to much teasing) and we decided we would just wait a bit for ice cream!

Topping the Guinness Ice cream:

Eventually, we had a much more frozen icecream to work with. The next steps are simple. Just top with a shot (or less, depending on your tastes and your serving size) of Bailey’s and a shot of Irish Whiskey.

The alcohol melts the ice cream pretty quickly too, so eat up!

The Rest of the Story.. To be Continued!

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into making ice-cream… We also ended up with an impromptu dinner party with our icecream eating guests, so stay tuned tomorrow for Chicken White Bean Chili with Pepper Cornbread!

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