Mr. P’s Bad Language-Free Baked Banana Blender Pie

As I was going through my saved cool posts to link to, I found another delicious sounding recipe from Delicious Delicious Delicious (go figure!). So anyway… check out this pie!

The filling is banana and chocolate, which when baked smells somehow of caramel. I have not figured out why or how that can be the case, but presume there is science involved. Which is strangely appropriate because as April’s pie was cooling on the counter, I was catching up on some of my favourite food blogs and noticed that Not So Humble Pie is having a virtual pie contest. So over to you Ms. Humble! Why does my entry (which the pie now is) smell like caramel?

I am unsure as to what to call my mysteriously caramel fragranced creation mind you. Drawn though I am to the alliteration of Mr. P’s Bitchin’ Baked Banana Blender Pie, my grandma reads this blog from time to time and I wouldn’t want her to see my bad language. I am full of admiration for those who brazenly cuss on their blogs (swear words are so expressive!), but I’m reticent to follow suit. So I think it will have to be Mr. P’s Bad Language-Free Baked Banana Blender Pie for now. That’s not what I’m calling it at home though!

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