Papaya Shake

Papaya Milkshake is a thick, creamy and very healthy shake. It has high nutrition value of Papaya and goodness of milk.

Papaya is one of the digestive fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, E, fibers, and antioxidants.


Prep time: 5 min Cook time: 2 min serves 1
Main Ingredients: Papaya and Cold Milk
Recipe Type: Beverages
Cuisine: Fusion
Level of cooking: Easy
Author: Swati paathak

1 cup cold milk
1 cup Papaya (ripe banana peeled and chopped)
Sugar/Honey to taste
Crushed ice (optional)


Put the Papaya sugar in the blender with about half cup of milk.
Blend until creamy and smooth.
Add the remaining milk and blend just until well mixed and foamy.
Add ice to the blender if you like you like your shake well-chilled.
Pour into glass and serve immediately.

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