Pecan Hazelnut Fudge Energy Bites

Very delicious no-bake fudge bites. Absolutely easy to make, energizing, and not so easy to put down. Once you eat one…well…make it and you will find out!

From the original site:

While I am plugging away trying to make Sweet n’ Savory Life the absolute best that it can be, I wanted to share with you another recipe for truffles, bites, whatever you want to call them.

Remember last time I couldn’t settle on whether I made bites, balls, or truffles with this post: Healthy and Sweet Coconut Fudge Truffles?

Well, I am still at that place. So suffice it to say I still swap terms – if that is okay with you!

Anyway, this time I decided to toy with my other recipes a bit and add in hazelnuts!

Tada! Everyone loves hazelnuts!

Get the Recipe: Pecan Hazelnut Fudge Energy Bites

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