Positively Decadent: Fondant Au Chocolat

Our spotlight this Valentines falls to a decadently yummy molten lava chocolate cake, brought to us by Culinary Musings!

From Dhale:

Valentine’s schmalentine’s. Personally, I don’t buy it. But for all you Lovey McLoversons out there, here is a decadent dessert that’s about as melty as your heart each time you gaze into the eyes of your true love. ***Swoon***

If you knew me at all, you would conclude that I’m probably not the most delicate flower out there – I often break out into a howdy doody dance in the middle of the sidewalk and I snort when I laugh. Needless to say, I don’t believe in the obligatory schmoochfest that you folks call “Valentine’s Day”. However, I am a proponent of chocolate. ….

…Without further adieu, I present to you a recipe that hails from his motherland and is by far, the best gosh darn fondant au chocolat we’ve ever had. I’ve attempted many other recipes, but this unique technique of freezing the batter definitely takes the cake…pun intended. And as my gift to you, I’ve included plenty of food porn to get those juices flowing *wink wink*.

Read the whole thing here…

(Now I’m depressed, because my sweetie doesn’t like chocolate!)

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