Puff pastry dough made easy!

I love puff pastry, do you? You can create literally hundreds of recipes with it and it’s ready in 15 minutes. Apple strudel, croissanrs, puff pastry baskets and puff pastry fish pie and much more. The recipe of this dough will help you create a lot of awesemly delicious dishes in minutes.

2 sticks of frozen butter (unsalted), no margarine.

1 cup of water

3 cups of flour

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar


Put the clear wrap on the surface you are gonna work on, using the dough roller roll the dough out until 1 inch thick. Shred the butter on the rolled out dough and fold in triangle. Put in a freezer for 10-15 minutes (cover it with clear wrap when putting in the freezer). In 15 minutes take another ½ stick of butter, take out the dough, and put the clear wrap on the working surface (the same you used before or new one). Roll out the dough until 1 inch thick; shred the butter, fold in triangle, put for 15 min in the freezer (cover with clear wrap). Repeat the same procedure with the rest 2 halves of the butter sticks. This dough takes some time and effort, but it really is delicious and the best. But, if you don’t have no time for messing with this dough, just buy the ready puff pastry dough. I normally cook this dough over the weekend, because then I can relax roll out my dough go watch TV then repeat, you know… just enjoy this dough preparation procedure…:-)) The dough preparation is ready, when you shred the last 1/2 stick of butter and put it for 15 minutes in the fridge: take it out cut in 3-4 pieces. Use one piece to roll out your dough for the strudel , the other two you can use for the croissants:-)
Keep the rest of the dough in a freeser. You can bake pastry: Apple strudel, croissanrs, puff pastry baskets and puff pastry fish pie and much more in minutes with this dough.

But strudel is my favorite. Usually it doesn’t live for more than 3 hours in my house, croissants may last for 24 h the most.

Enjoy and share with me your ways of using this recipe of dough.
Helen @ Helen’s Cooking


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