Rainbow Bubbles

Easy!  Festive!  Delicious! Refreshing! Pretty!  This is my favorite go-to dessert after a simple, quiet meal for two or a blow-out family celebration.  It works perfectly with a quiche brunch or a prime rib dinner!  Adults love it made with Champagne and kids love it made with ginger ale.  A delicious summertime treat!


  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Champagne (we use Spumante Sparkling Wine)
  • or Ginger Ale
  • or Club Soda
  • Very pretty glass serving dishes


1. Place two or three scoops of Rainbow Sherbet in each serving dish.

2. Slowly and carefully pour the beverage of your choice over the sherbet.

Hint: Be careful as you pour.  If you pour too much, too fast, it might fizz up and spill out of the dish.

Just so you know:  Champagne – left; Club Soda – center; Ginger Ale – right

Club soda may not be sweet enough for your family, but I know people who prefer it to the sweeter beverages.

Pam Harris writes Gingerbread Snowflakes, a blog about crafts, cooking, and other seasonal celebrations.

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