Review: Ginger Spice Cookies

I much prefer to bake cookies from scratch, but sometimes it’s nice to just pull out a package of cookie dough and have cookies in 15 minutes!  And the other day I decided to let The Boy bake cookies ‘all by himself’ as a present for Daddy’s birthday.  But storebought cookie dough doesn’t usually impress me–and many contain all kinds of weird stuff.  So I tried these Ginger Spice Cookies from Immaculate Baking Company... they have a line of refrigerated cookie dough, both all natural and organic varieties I’d been seeing at the local Publix.

These had no trans fats and no artificial ingredients, so they sounded like they’d be a good quick compromise over the homemade ones I didn’t have time to prepare (and no chocolate, since husband doesn’t like chocolate– crazy, I know).

These would be great for making the cheesecake cookie cupcakes of Grieg’s design.

So, how were they?  The 4 year old found them quite easy to cook… break off individual size cookie dough pieces, and roll them in the included sugar packet.  They baked up nicely, and had an great spicy flavor… kind of like soft ginger snaps. I do think the sugar packet was a little scant for completely rolling the cookie ball, but other than that, excellent!

So I definitely recommend.  I have a package of the organic Vanilla Sugar ones that I’ll try next time!

(Disclaimer – this is not a paid review and I purchased these myself.  But if any company wants to send me a package of their cookies for comparison, I’d be glad to take those on as well!)

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