Magic Middle Peanut Butter cookies by Gonna Want Seconds

Spotlight: Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies

Magic Middle Peanut Butter cookies by Gonna Want SecondsFoodwhirl readers are so creative!  Here’s a great idea from Kathleen, at Gonna Want Seconds..  Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies. Chocolate on the outside, and peanut butter centers? Like a Reese’s Cup in cookie form..

Oh! My! Gosh!  I mean  seriously! I think I should rename these cookies to Danger Will Robinson Cookies.  They are sooo delicious they are truly dangerous.  They are soft, moist, chewy, and way yummy! I stashed mine in the back of the freezer hoping to forget about them for a bit.  No chance and they’re even fabulous frozen.  You have to try these.  They have officially gone on  my favorite foods of all times list.  Bet they’ll go on yours, too.


Go read the whole thing and get the recipe: Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies

Thanks so much for being a reader, Kathleen, and sharing your blog with us.

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