Spotlight – Make Fortune Cookies

Did you know Valentines Day and Chinese New Year are both on Feb 14th this year? Here’s a fun way to combine the two… Make homemade fortune cookies, tucking special personalized notes in for your sweetie! We found these great instructions for making your our fortune cookies at the very cool food blog, Here’s what they had to say about them:

Don’t we just feel so efficient when killing two birds with one stone? You can say I love you and Happy New Year all at once, making your own customized messages and fortunes. I guess I should warn you that making these is a lot of work, and you have to be patient, but what says “I love you!” more than “I spent all day making these and I burned my finger”? A fortune cookie, of course, wishes good fortune, so we’re all covered, two holidays in one!

Go to FoodMayhem to read the whole thing.. the instructions are detailed and the cookies look tasty!

By the way, we are completely aware that fortune cookies are an American invention, not really Chinese, but they’re a fun way to celebrate the Chinese New Year Anyway!

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