rhubarb pie by Radishes and Rhubarb

Spotlight: Rhubarb Cream Pie

Reader Allison, from the delightful newish blog, Radishes and Rhubarb, does her first actual rhubarb related post… And it’s a sweet one, dedicated to her mom, with a delish looking recipe for Rhubarb Cream Pie.  The recipe is her mom’s, and thanks to Allison for sharing it with us!

rhubarb pie by Radishes and RhubarbThe other day my mother called me and said, “I was looking at your website and I think you should do a recipe about rhubarb.” That is so like my mom, always one step ahead of me. Since I began this project I have been thinking that I should do a rhubarb recipe. But I began in February and it was hard to come by. So I have been waiting and waiting and finally last week I found my first rhubarb at the farmer’s market. Practically the moment it hit my fridge, mom called with a recipe for Rhubarb Cream Pie.

I talk a lot about my grandfather and my memories working with him at his bakeshop. But honestly, I would not have had the capacity to appreciate that experience without my mom. She was and is an amazing cook. Growing up, I don’t think I realized all of the effort and care she took in feeding her family. She made almost everything from scratch and she was very adventurous. At a time when most people had never even tried them we were eating curries and stirfrys on a regular basis.

Go read the whole thing, and get the recipe!

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