Decorate your sweets with Tootsie-Roses!

I saw a guest chef do this on TV a couple of weeks ago and thought…how easy is that. Great way to fancy up a homemade cake when you don’t know how to make cake roses.

How to Make Tootsie-Roses

See instructions below the photos. Click on a photo to see larger.

Start with Multi-color tootsie rolls – you’ll need one color for the petals, and another for the leaves.
Cut tootsie rolls in half, and microwave for 10 seconds on parchment paper.
Put 2 to 3 drops of veg. oil in your palm, and roll heated tootsies into a ball – they will feel like play-doh. Then reheat balls for 10 secs.
Take each ball, & squish between thumb and pointer finger using other hand to pull to a point. They will look like teardrops.
Stretch final ball into a 1″x3″ ribbon, and roll onto the end of a chopstick to form the middle of the flower

For the petals:
Starting with the smaller of your teardrops, wrap each petal around your flower base and continue until you are satisfied with the size.

For the leaves:
Take a green tootsie and also pull into a teardrop. But instead of using the petal, use the pointed end pinched over to make a leaf.

Once flower is formed, adjust peddles to desired position and then quickly run entire flower under cold water or plunge into a bowl of cold water to set it.

Once completed, remove from chopstick and cut the bottom of the rose off and place on cake/cupcake, or whatever you’d like to decorate!

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