How to make Homemade Almond Butter (Recipes & Variations)

Making your own nut butters is really so fun and easy, I don’t know why I ever buy the storebought stuff.  Make your own, then you can eat it, and use it in other recipes!  And there are tons of ways to mix it up, too… read on.

Here’s a recipe from Chockohlawtay on how to make your own. Click through to get the recipe: Raw Almond Butter!


So let’s calculate how much cha-ching! we save by making almond butter at home:

One 3lb bag of raw almonds costed me $10.99 at Costco (YAY for food in bulk!), with the capability of making me ~5.5 cups of raw almond butter.  That’s only $1.99 per cup!

Here’s another version, where you roast the almonds first:


There are of course a bunch of different variations you can do on this.

Ideas for jazzing things up:

Smoked Paprika Almond Butter from Edible Perspective


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