How to Roast Broccoli

Today’s inspiration is from @stayfordinner.

I love roasted vegetables… and over at Can You Stay For Dinner, the hostess waxes poetic about the joys of broccoli, before providing a lovely tutorial on how to roast it yourself. Go see.

Broccoli, all by her lonesome dove, is my favorite vegetable. She’s filling and fibrous, unfussily fancied or dressed down.

I’d proclaim her the best vegetable, but you know how insecure brussels sprouts can be….

…But then, two years ago, I roasted her for the first time. And my heart murmur acted up.

Oh dear.

Sweet and crispy and so, so very salted.

Daniel and I eat a big ol’ mess of roasted broccoli every night with dinner. *One fully flowered head for each of us.

*This is a judgment-free zone.

I’ve always thought, in losing weight and maintaining mine for six years now, that fruits and vegetables make all of eating well, fuller. In finding vegetables I love, as madly as I do crispy broccoli and caramelized brussels and sweet early peas and grilled white corn on the cob and roasted brown sugared butternut squash, I discovered I could eat anything.

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