Mango mousse with strawberry custard

This is a light, fluffy and tongue tantalizing dessert.


Mango Mousse
2 cups fresh mango puree
½ cup milk
½ tbsp. gelatin
1 cup whipped cream
½ tsp vanilla essence (optional)

Strawberry custard
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp. custard powder
2 tbsp. strawberry crush


Method for Mango mouse
1)Mix the mango puree and milk and keep it aside
2)stir in vanilla essence at this point (if you are using).
3)Add 1 tbsp. water to set gelatin and heat it in a microwave or double bowl.
4)Strain and add the dissolved gelatin in it.
5)Add the whipped cream and blend it with a beater till it gets a smooth consistency.
6)Pour it in a glass and set in a refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

1)Heat milk in a pan and boil it for 5 minutes.
2)Add sugar and boil it for 2 more minutes.
3)Mix custard powder with water in a bowl and mix it well till no lumps are formed. Add this in the boiling milk.
4)Boil for another 5 minutes till the custard powder has mixed well. 5)Switch off the gas and let the custard cool at a room temperature for at least an hour.
6)Now mix 1 tbsp. of strawberry crush in the custard. Keep the remaining for garnishing.

How to proceed
Remove the glasses of mango mousse from the refrigerator after it has set.
Now fill the rest of the glasses with strawberry custard.
Top it with the remaining strawberry crush.
Garnish it with fresh cream and sprigs of mint leaves.

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