1971 Cookbook: Special Day Dinner

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Another entry from our classic 1970’s cookbook!   According to the cookbook this is the menu for a Special Day Dinner (where you’ll be feeding 2 dozen people!).  On the menu?  Eggs en Gelée, Standing Rib Roast Supreme, Crisp Potato Tree, Romaine-Red Onion Salad, Pumpkin Mousse, and of course, Tea & Coffee.

Eggs en Gelée

We start out with Eggs en Gelee… which is apparently just one of those things (like the frank-n-burger loaf) that doesn’t translate well to today!  To prepare this, you’ll need 24 boiled eggs.  Cut your boiled eggs in half, mix the yolks with french dressing, then press back together.  Place each egg in an individual cup.  Then you’ll need to basically make beef gelatin, which you spoon over each egg until almost full.  Decorate with pimentos, cut into star shapes, and olives,  and refrigerate to set!  Easy peasy, huh?  And aren’t the pretty?

Standing Rib Roast

Although I’ve never cooked a standing rib roast, the recipe (below) seems pretty normal.  And the picture looks appetizing too!  Apparently some things do stand the test of time.

Crisp Potato Tree & Romaine-Red Onion Salad

Again, it’s pretty hard to mess up potatoes.  These are just fried potato wedges, stacked up to form a ‘tree’ shape. (not pictured)

There’s no recipe for the salad… but looking at the photo, I find their presentation cute.  Although problematic to eat!

Pumpkin Mousse

Looking at the photo, I’d first assumed this was a souffle (based on the fact that it’s in a souffle dish and is higher than the top of the dish.)  But upon closer inspection of the recipe, it is apparently a dessert featuring gelatin (again!), icecream, and canned pumpkin…  But what really baffles me is the orange juice!

Feeling retro and want the recipes?

Download here!

By the way, I think I mentioned on our Facebook page that the frank-n-burger loaf inspired us to have our own 70s dinner party!  It was a blast…photos will be forthcoming.  And yes, someone did make the frank and burger loaf.

And if any of you try any of these recipes, we want to see photos and send us a review of the reaction to the recipe!

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