Spinach and Corn Sandwich

These wholesome sandwiches could be anything from a healthy breakfast, a lunch, an after school snack or a light dinner option. The lovely yellow corn nibbles on a bed of green spinach is a beautiful sight in itself. I love it for the ease with which it can be prepared.

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I literally have to struggle to make my elder one have some veggies. She doesn’t mind it as Pulao but if it’s a stir fry, or some sabzi for rotis, I always face rejection. Anyways, I am also not the one to give up, so I keep coming up with something different every now and then, and she is just too curious to not have it.
Here is a great way of sneaking in some greens into your kid’s meal. I myself am a great fan of these sandwiches. I had these for the first time at Café Coffee Day. I guess, many would’ve tasted these awesome sandwiches there. Also, had them a couple of times in Spice Jet flights. That’s when I realized that my daughter likes these sandwiches and made a special request to prepare these for her at home. These sandwiches have always been in my mind, but I somehow never got around making them, the reason being, that, Spinach was there, corn wasn’t or if corn was available, spinach wasn’t fresh enough and if both were available, then bread was not there. So finally, determined to make these sandwiches, went out to the market and got the ingredients especially for this. So here is my way of making these yummy sandwiches.

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