$5 Spaghetti with Pepper & Cheese, Spicy Broccoli

I ran across this at Pink of Perfection, and I thought it was perfect to share on Foodwhirl.  Especially with the holiday season upon us, it’s nice to have inexpensive dinner ideas where you still feel like you’re treating yourself…

To worry constantly about money is to lug over your shoulder a sack of bricks that you have to carry everywhere; it immediately affects all aspects of your quality of life. But I did feel, talking to this fellow on the radio, that it is a real badge of honor, and an important life skill to know how to still make your life feel beautiful, your home cozy, and your relationships nurtured with no money. It involves a little creativity sometimes, and often a bit of extra elbow grease. But to know how to create something out of nothing is to feel armed with the sense that you can provide for yourself and the people around you no matter what. And that’s a feeling I wish on everyone.

Read the Whole thing, and Get the recipe: Spaghetti with Pepper and Cheese & Spicy, Lemony Broccoli

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