Lamb Tacos - Manhattan Food Project

I love tacos! Interesting taco ideas…

Tacos are a great go-to dinner idea, that can either be fancy and exotic, or simple and homey.  Here are a few unusual taco ideas that I thought might give you some inspiration!  We’ve done some fun taco ideas here on Foodwhirl too.. like Corn Beef and Cabbage Tacos and Shrimp and Fish Fajita Tacos..  and this Cook while you sleep Pork Roast makes fabulous Pork Tacos!  So be creative…

Lamb Tacos - Manhattan Food Project

Lamb Tacos - by Manhattan Food Project

Here’s a few good ideas from around the web..

ancho-braised lamb tacos – Manhattan {food} Project

Braising [the lamb] all afternoon perfumed the apartment with an intoxicating, lamby goodness (making it very difficult to concentrate on my Pilates, I might add) and the meat ended up falling completely off the bone, turning the contents of the Le Cruset into a lamb version (kind of) of ropa vieja.

Hidden Veggie Chipotle Taco Meat – Perry’s Plate

You’re probably thinking, “Taco meat? Whoop-dee-do, Nat. I make taco meat every Tuesday.”
I love taco meat, but it isn’t anything new. It isn’t glamorous. Or photogenic for that matter. So why did I bother posting this? (Not that everything I post is glamorous and photogenic. Oh, heavens no.)

Because taco meat is where I hide vegetables most successfully from my picky little girls.

Fish Tacos (wrapped in red cabbage leaves) – Can You Stay For Dinner

Before we left for the show, we dined on some mahi mahi tacos. I loved how fresh this meal tasted. Very simple and bright flavors. I experimented with using red cabbage leaves instead of the traditional tortillas. Since so many fish taco recipes incorporate some sort of cabbage slaw, I figured I’d just use cabbage as the shell.

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