Ray Wing on Spinach Leaves

My wife and I were lucky enough to find Ray wing going cheap in our local supermarket, so decided to try and come up with a good recipe to cook them in.

Special Instructions: Serves 2

100g Butter
Sliced Parsley
1 Lemon
Spinach leaves
Handful of Flour


Divide butter in half, putting 50g to one side and the rest in a frying pan. Fry the butter over a medium to high heat until bubbling.
Coat the ray wings in flour and then drop into the butter.
Lightly fry for 5mins until brown on both sides. Remove the wings and keep warm, whilst adding the other 50g butter into the pan, and squeezing all the juice from the lemon into the mixture too.
Add the parsley.
When the hot and well mixed, put the ray wings on top of spinach leaves and drizzle the sauce from the frying pan over the top.

About Me: I’m James and I love cooking for my family and friends – it’s the social aspect of cooking that I enjoy the most. I currently work alongside a cooker hoods retailer, which is where my interest in cooking first developed.

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