Spotlight: Pear, Ham & Goat Cheese Pizza

Reader Alison of Radishes and Rhubarb sends us this great how-to on making pizza at home. I love this unusual variant, but you can always follow her steps to make a pie topped with anything you like! She even explains how to make great pizza dough.

I went through a time, not long ago, when I was completely over pizza. I think my husband and I must have tried every pizza place in the city and I was always, always disappointed. In their defense, I don’t think many foods stand up well to a half-hour car ride. Nevertheless, we went through a long separation.

Then I discovered how easy it was to make pizza at home and now I am happy to say that pizza and I are reconciled. I am convinced that if you use store bought dough, and there are some really good ones out there, that it does not take any longer to make pizza at home than it does to order it. Pizza at home costs less, is always hot and fresh and made exactly as you want it. And, as you can see by the hands of my little helper, it is something that the whole family likes to get involved in.

Read the whole thing and get the recipe at Radishes and Rhubarb!

I can’t wait to try this!

By the way, Addy has another version of homemade pizza dough here.  And Niki shares ideas for making Pizza with the kids, here!

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