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Quick & Easy Korean Bimbimbap

Remember Winter Sonata? OMG! Every girl I know was talking non-stop about the drama, the love story, the heartbreak, the tears and of course the handsome BAE YONG CHOON (which I had a crush on too!). I remembered it was Winter Sonata that created the whole Korean drama craze in Malaysia. Since then, I had […]

Vegetable Rice

1 Pot Meal – Rice cooked with Vegetables, easy to prepare, wholesome vegetarian meal. 1 Pot meal is one of my favourite type of dish when I’m lazy to cook From the original site: This week is dedicated to ONE DISH MEALS, my favourite meal to prepare because I am feeling lazy. There are days […]

Chicken Kabsa – Arabic Rice Dish

Kabsa is an Arabic favorite rice dish in many Gulf countries. This is a chicken version of the Kabsa recipe, Shannon’s SIMPLIFIED version – a 1 dish meal. I love cooking this dish when I’m in a rush and the beautiful flavours from the spices gives a warm aroma to the whole house. From the […]