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Moist Chocolate-Beet Cake

Beet greens have been eaten since 200 BC in northern Africa and along the Mediterranean, but it wasn’t until the ancient Romans that the beet was cultivated for its roots. Highly popularized as a source of sugar in the 19th century by Napoleon—when the British restricted France’s access to sugar cane he decreed that beets […]

cupcakes in a jar -madebynicole
Cupcakes in a Jar (and Chocolate Beet Cake)!

Check out this clever idea from Made By Nicole. Portable and adorable cupcakes… Nicole writes: In honor of International Cupcake Week I thought I’d make cupcakes in a jar as a treat for the family. We always pack a lunch when I go writing on Tuesday nights and Chris and the boys run errands so […]

Beet_Salad_With_Goat_Cheese - gaia's greens
Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

This is an excellent salad recipe that I posted at my Gaia’s Greens website a couple of weeks ago when we had beets in our organic produce boxes.    It is quickly becoming a favorite in my house!!    The combination of flavors is just perfect and it’s fast and easy to make.   So many people avoid beets […]