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Technique: Steaming Eggs

This test of the best ways to cook ‘boiled’ eggs from Serious Eats was life changing! I now only steam my eggs, rather than boil them. It’s faster & easier. From the site: “Lower your eggs straight from the fridge into already-boiling water, or place them in a steamer insert in a covered pot steaming […]

Hard-Cooked Eggs: Eggs with a firm white and a solid cooked yolk
How to Cook Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Please welcome Jennifer Locklin of Jane Deere! We love her blog (we featured her Chicken Tikka Masala the other day), and this is the first in a series of “Techniques” posts from her.. so stay tuned!  See the whole series. Looking for the perfect hard, medium, or soft-cooked egg? It’s really very simple…just follow along […]

Traditional Deviled Eggs

One of the things I love about Easter is eggs!   And what better to do with hard boiled eggs than deviled eggs.   We are going to an Easter/Birthday Party today and this is one of the dishes I’m taking.  Everybody loves deviled eggs and I’m sure they will disappear quickly!   These will be great alongside […]