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Jamaican Banana Bread

As it so happens, I got a little banana crazy a month ago, and started buying a bunch of banana every week. I like a banana, but I really only like them when they are still just off the green and beginning to turn yellow. Once they turn fully golden I find them a little […]

Ragi and Banana Muffin

This is a simple muffin modified from banana muffin. My first experience with muffins was when we were in UK, it my earlier days there. After a tired long day walk in a big shopping mall (Oracle), we went and sat down for some coffee in bb’s, I think I remember the name right. My […]

Multigrain Poundcake

Multigrain Atta is nothing but atta with 7 grains like wheat, oats, chana dhal, barley, ragi, maize and soya. You can find this atta in any Asian grocery store, if not you can go for normal atta or all purpose flours. Also instead of sugar, I have used jaggery which is nothing but unrefined cane […]

Orange Ricotta Cake

Among all the cheese, Ricotta cheese is the one I love the best especially when it comes to sweet. I believe that ricotta cheese have some wonderful flavours, when it marries with tangy orange flavour in a cake form, it’s a bliss. You’ll definitely enjoy this with your afternoon tea. Special Instructions: Preparation Time: 10 […]