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Creamy Antonella Tuscan Tiramisu Fudge

Born and Bred South African’s were brought up on the sickly sweet, naughty but oh-so-good fudge. Just about every SA family has their own unique recipe too! This delicious recipe takes the familiarity of fudge, infuses it with Antonella Tiramisu and delights like soft toffee. The hint of coffee compliments the Antonella Tiramisu taste and […]

Cathedral Candy Clusters

This is a quick and simple dessert cluster that you can make for a crowd. Got a last minute invite to a party? Work friends requesting a dessert? Need a sweet treat that is great for a gift? This is it!!!! From the original site: These easy clusters are a favorite for holidays around my […]

M&M Cookie Bars

Thick and chewy cookie bars stuffed with M&M’s. Seriously delicious! Will feed a crowd :) Ingredients: > 2 cups + 2tbsp plain flour > 1/2tsp bicarb > 1 1/2 sticks (about 170g) butter/marg > 1 cup light brown sugar > 1/2 cup caster sugar > 1 egg + 1 egg yolk > 2tsp vanilla extract […]

candy orange peel, how to make at foodwhirl.com
How to make candied orange peel

I used to love those candy orange slices you could get in the Brach’s candy section of most grocery stores (what ever happened to the Brach’s candy section?). You know the ones I’m talking about – the neon orange, sticky sweet, rolled in sugar, orange-segment shaped, jelly-like candies? Well, this is like the grown-up version […]

Butterfinger Dessert

This is a really good dessert. Angel food cake, pudding, whipped topping, and Butterfinger candy come together to make a dessert everyone will love. From the original site: This could be one of the BEST desserts you EVER make. This is SOOOO good and easy to make.

Reeses peanut butter cup cookies
not your mama’s peanut butter cookies

I recently discovered Becoming Bianca, and this recipe caught my attention…  Remember the Make your Own Peanut Butter Cups from earlier this week?  Here’s some yummy looking cookies which use Reese’s Cups as a primary ingredient–plus only 2 ingredients, how easy is that?! Bianca says: I got an email from hubs while he was at […]

Holiday Treat: Sugared Cranberries

We’ve been asking for Holiday Recipes, and reader Jill sends us this great recipe from Bon Appegeek (love the name!) — a lovely holiday food idea: Sugared Cranberries! More good info from Jill: They are really, really good. And addictive. I found that recipe last year, and i make a lot of them during the […]

Decorate your sweets with Tootsie-Roses!

I saw a guest chef do this on TV a couple of weeks ago and thought…how easy is that. Great way to fancy up a homemade cake when you don’t know how to make cake roses. How to Make Tootsie-Roses See instructions below the photos. Click on a photo to see larger. Start with Multi-color […]

You say pray-leen, I say praw-leen

While my children are napping and a big pot of gumbo is simmering away on the stove, I’m daydreaming about the creamy dreamy pecan pralines I made earlier today. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, and I thought we’d go ahead and celebrate a day early since my husband has to work tomorrow.  In honor […]