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Caramel filled Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like moist spongy cupcakes, and when they are filled with gooey caramel and topped with nutella…. oh that is pure bliss :) :).

Eggless Chocolate cupcakes

Dark chocolate cupcakes- favorite in my family. Nobody needs a reason to indulge in these little pieces of joy. Melting-in-mouth chocolate ganache frosted over moist chocolate cupcakes makes for a perfect treat.This egg-less recipe has been passed by me to almost everyone I know and they all seem to love it. A must try! Get […]

Olympic Flaming Torch Cupcakes

Look at these neat cupcakes with their flames. Great idea! From the original site: The Olympics is starting this week and I can’t wait for it, especially the opening ceremony. We just returned from a weekend away in London and I couldn’t help but get caught up in all the excitement. The whole city is […]

Easy Fall Treats – Pumpkin Pies and Apple Pie Cupcakes

Sometimes we just need a sweet treat.  Here’s a couple of quick and easy recipes from reader Celeste at Cooking Creations to get you in the sweet Fall mood…Personal Pumpkin Pies and Apple Pie Cupcakes! I have been searching the internet and cookbooks for some autumn treats a lot recently. I have come across so […]

Inspirations: Sushi themed cakes and cupcakes

If you liked the cupcake ideas from last week, here are a few more cake and cupcake inspirations for you – this time with a sushi theme! A giant Ebi Cake by Coco Cake Cupcakes! Link to a how-to on a Giant Maki Cake by Shrimp Salad Circus (plus more links to other sushi themed […]

Spotlight: Bizcocho

I’ve had this one saved for a while… I wish I’d remembered it when I was trying out different cupcake recipes!  This sounds delicious — and you definitely should bake a cake from scratch now and then!  This reminds me a bit of an old fashioned 1-2-3-4 cake.. From Delicious Delicious Delicious: So, today’s post […]

Spotlight: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Every month, Ready Set Craft! and Mega-Crafty do 2 new recipes, one for muffins, and one for cupcakes–they call it Cup-kins!  The theme this month is strawberries, and don’t these strawberry lemonade cupcakes look delish? These cupcakes leave me longing for summertime (yup, the weather is still not quite summery here in Michigan!) and a […]

Over the Top Cupcakes

Do you read Saucy’s Sprinkles?  Such personality, and fun recipes too… particular sweets related.  I spotted these cupcakes and had to share them with you guys here. Saucy writes: So this thought has been swirling around in Saucy’s brain for a long while: how much stuff could she possibly jam into one cupcake? Could a […]

Easy Easter Cupcakes – Cupcake Collars!

Yesterday we showcased some really cute Easter Cupcake ideas.  “But Dot,” you say.  “I’m too busy with everything else I have going on to decorate fancy cupcakes!”  Yeah, I certainly know the feeling, but you still want cute cupcakes for the young’uns after the easter egg hunt, right?–or your kid insists on ‘fancy’ cupcakes to […]

Easter Cupcake Inspirations

We’ve scoured flickr.com to find some cute ideas for Easter Cupcakes…  From easy to complex, check out these cute bunnies, chicks, eggs, and more Easter Related  themes.  (Are you on flickr?  Add your foodie photos to the Foodwhirl Flickr group!) (Links are below the large mosaic photo) 1. Bunny Cupcakes, 2. Easter Bunny Cupcakes, 3. […]

Pot o’ Gold Cupcakes

Here’s a fun St. Paddy’s Day sweet for you… what kid wouldn’t love a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow cupcake!? Reader Meg of Mega-Crafty sends us this fun idea, incorporating everything a leprechaun needs! I love how she made the rainbow icing, too… If you can’t find actual gold at the […]

Bacon! Bacon + Cupcake = Yum!

Twitter friend @rit responded to our call for Bacon Related Goodies for Bacon Week, with this lovely idea! (Well, technically he started out with the idea of French Toast Bread Pudding with Bacon… anyone want to take on that challenge?). Danae, aka The Busty Baker came up with this delish sounding recipe for French Toast […]

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes by Hello Naomi

I had to share this great detailed tutorial on making fondant topped Valentines Day cupcakes, by the super-fabulous Hello Naomi (aka Naomi Henderson). You’ve probably seen pictures of her cool pacman cupcakes, robot cupcakes, and other fun designs around the web, she’s very clever with her designs and execution. This is a great step-by-step to […]