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Dates filled with goat cheese and walnuts

Dates filled with goat cheese and walnuts is an appetizer I made last weekend when we celebrated some birthdays in the family. Three simple ingredients, in an easy combination, not more, not less. That’s all you need to make everybody happy.

Goat Cheese Risotto

This is a delicious risotto that has tons of veggies and a twist with goat cheese. This is a perfect meal for little kids and adults. From the original site: Can we talk about how wonderful risotto is for a moment? It’s just an incredible dish that can be transformed into so many different flavors […]

Goat Cheese Spread (Dip) with Spinach-Basil Pesto

I’ve tried this recipe quite a few times and find this to be one of the simplest and easiest appetizers to put together both as a dip and a spread with some water crackers. From the original site:  I customized this recipe for pesto by playing with the key ingredients. I use fresh basil and […]

Goat Cheese Stuffed Spinach Pancakes

The idea of savory pancakes is appealing and stuffing them with goat cheese sold me. This vegetable pancake surrounds a slice of goat cheese, causing it to have a tantalizing flavor. The cheese jumps out at you when you take a bite. I love unusual recipes and for me, this combination, in this presentation was […]

recipe: corn, shrimp and goat-cheese-wrap
Goat Cheese, Corn and Shrimp Wraps

These wraps are quick to prepare and oh so tasty.  The ingredients are simple, and flexible with what you might happen to have in your kitchen–so be creative!  And the side dish of your choice, and you have a great weeknight dinner that takes less than 30 minutes to get on the table. Goat Cheese, […]

Beet_Salad_With_Goat_Cheese - gaia's greens
Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

This is an excellent salad recipe that I posted at my Gaia’s Greens website a couple of weeks ago when we had beets in our organic produce boxes.    It is quickly becoming a favorite in my house!!    The combination of flavors is just perfect and it’s fast and easy to make.   So many people avoid beets […]

Gulf Coast Grouper Dinner
Gulf Coast Grouper w/ Asparagus & Mashed Sweet Potatoes

My man and I spent Valentine’s Day at the beach this year, having narrowly escaped the snow and rain that blanketed the Southeast.  We LOVE seafood and our first stop when we arrived was the local seafood market.  I picked out some grouper filets and my favorite, Smoked Tuna Dip, and we headed to the […]