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Mung Daal Tadka

Mung Daal Tadka combines creamy lentils with a dash of whole tempered spices for the ultimate gluten-free vegetarian comfort food.

Baked Lentil Chilaquiles Casserole

Familiar Mexican flavors combine in a versatile, easy casserole for a dish that can take you from brunch through dinner. From the original site: Father’s Day demands brunch, but we perhaps don’t bring quite the same expectation of fuss and finesse to the table as we do for Mother’s Day. Am I right? But still, […]

Lentil Salad w/ Roased Red Pepper Dressing

Not only are lentils good for you, but they’re easy to cook, contrary to what you might think. This recipe for lentil salad with roasted red pepper dressing proves it! Walnuts and celery add crunch to the mix, and the dressing ties the flavors together. From the original site: This recipe for lentil salad with […]

Lentil Tacos with Sliced Olives

The beloved taco gets a modern vegan update with lentils instead of beef, lots of spices, and a garnish of sliced ripe olives, of course. Meatless Monday, here we come! From the original site: My family loved this meatless mixture in tacos so much that I began to use it in a lot of other […]

Lentils and Roasted Squash

This makes a healthy lunch or dinner and is a great way to make use of those lentils and squashes that are hanging around. The white wine-mustard sauce brings this dish together. It’ll give you comfort on those cold winter days. From the original site: For many days, a whole butternut squash stood around on […]

Best Ever Simple Lentil Soup

Meaty without containing meat, thick, rich tasting without being fatty, this is fill-you-up-but-not-out stuff. From the original site: Let’s humbly subtitle this “Lentil Soup of the Gods.”

Curried Pumpkin Soup

I always love to have soup, since it’s the easier and healthier option to includes veggies in your diet. This spicy soup is made with lentils and pumpkin. From the original site: The type of lentils which I have used is moongdhal. In India Moongdhal is generally used for making dhal soup, kootu curry( dry […]