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watermelon recipes

Top 5 watermelon recipes you should try – it is watermelon season so I tried some easy watermelon recipes that you can enjoy.

Blushing Popsicles

Blushing popsicles Let your children play with colours the healthy way…..bursting with flavours….”BLUSHING POPSICLES” :)

Caramel mochasicles

Happiness is, blending your icy treat with tons of Caramel! Here’s one more reason to enjoy caramel and embrace the summers with more appetite…

Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon popsicles – Ice pops made from fresh watermelon puree. Simple to make with two ingredients watermelon and sugar. Rose essence is for additional flavor . Its optional to add. We can make with the addition of lemon too. This home made popsicles are good to enjoy in summer.

Strawberry & Fruit Popsicles

These Fruit Popsicles will surly give you your 5 a day. Kids love them as well as adults and they are great to beat the heat in the summer. So easy to make, just add all the ingredients to a blender and whizz whizz whizz . My son loves them and its great cause its […]