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Orange Walnut Bread

Today’s post is about a tea cake with tons of fresh citrus, sweet butter and eggs. But wait…there’s more! Act now and you get toasted walnuts and a shiny, orange glaze too. So, do I have your attention? Sounds good, huh? I like this recipe because at 4pm each day I stop what I’m doing […]

Savory Cheese and Chive Bread

The recipe is a great side choice for dinner. It can also be used as an appetizer. It is cheesy and nutty and delicious. A quick bread is an easy way to entertain and they also make great gifts. Anyone would welcome this on their dinner table. From the original site: Ms. Greenspan suggest serving […]

Orange Muffins

Thank you to my mom for this gorgeous, cheerful muffin recipe. She made them when my brothers and I were kids, usually with oriental stir fry, or potato soup. Why is it that the flavor Orange is so good in so many things? It certainly is in these delicate muffins. From the original site: …and […]