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Yuan Yang Crispy & Crunchy Hong Kong Kailan

It’s Twin Kailan Attack!! Yap, you’ll get nice & thick crunchy Kailan stems, & crispy Kailan leaves deep-fried to perfection in this Yuan Yang Crispy & Crunchy Hong Kong Kailan. Get the Recipe: Yuan Yang Crispy & Crunchy Hong Kong Kailan

“Not” Kraut – Sauteed Cabbage & Pears

While kraut is always a good stand by for any pork recipe, sometimes something lighter and cabbage-y is just the ticket Ingredients: 2 Cups Shredded Cabbage 4 Strips Low Sodium Bacon – Chopped 2 Medium Pears – Diced 1/2 Cup Onion – Chopped 1/4 Cup Cider Vinegar 1 Cup White Wine 1 Teaspoon Caraway Seeds […]

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, making healthy food taste delicious. I cook this whenever I need to make my husband eat vegetables. From the original site: Once in a while, I try to make food at home. I still think I’m a bit of a cook in training, but with everything – practice makes perfect. I make […]

Paneer Mutter Masala

Paneer Mutter Masala is something which you can find almost in all the Indian restaurants. Paneer is an Indian cheese which is very similar to ricotta cheese. This creamy and soft cheese when cooked along with peas in a spicy and rich gravy,it’s heavenly. You can serve this gravy with naan, roti’s and pulavs. Special […]

Savory Cheese and Chive Bread

The recipe is a great side choice for dinner. It can also be used as an appetizer. It is cheesy and nutty and delicious. A quick bread is an easy way to entertain and they also make great gifts. Anyone would welcome this on their dinner table. From the original site: Ms. Greenspan suggest serving […]


This recipe is a great quick alternative to biscuits and crescent rolls. Gourgeres are cheesy, delicious way to spice up dinner. They are also a great way to start a party. The best thing about them? You can freeze them and have them hot and fresh whenever you need them. From the original site: I […]

Brussels Sprouts & Toasted Pumpkin Seed Salad

Check out this unusual brussels sprouts recipe from The Taste Traveller …  Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cheese, and roasted nuts make this sound just lovely. Are you thinking about your menu for Christmas? Well, here’s a fresh idea for those poor, often unloved brussels sprouts and a different way to serve them with any meal this […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

…perfect for Thanksgiving!  I don’t know if sweet potatoes are on your typical Holiday menu, but they always are on mine.  This is an easy and quite tasty dish, that is very kid friendly too.  My 5 year old loves it. I actually made 2 different versions of this dish this weekend… once for dinner […]

Southwest Stuffing

Dorothy at ShockinglyDelicious sends us her award winning (literally–she just won a contest with it!) recipe for Southwest Stuffing… Now as a Southern girl, I do cornbread dressing, not stuffing with my holiday meals, but I do confess that I do have a place in my heart for stuffing as well. Dorothy says: For me, […]

Sandwiches for Supper

Hi all! Steph Chows here! I’m new to Foodwhirl but so happy to join in on the fun with you all! Here’s a super quick recipe I love to whip up using leftover grilling chicken! There’s no need to have the same old boring leftovers though. Shred it all up and top it with a […]

Spinach croquettes

I was one of those picky eater kids who would never eat vegetables.  I would gag, cry, induce vomit – anything to not eat my green beans.  Once, during a family vacation to Cape Cod, my uncle placed celery stalks in the shape of a cross outside my bedroom door to keep me in bed. […]

Easy Veggie Sides that Kids will like..

Cheesy Cauliflower Brains & Cumin / Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Rounds For me, sometimes the dilemma with dinner is not what to fix for a main dish, but what do have as a side dish, that’s healthy, tasty, and not boring — and that my 5 year old won’t automatically reject out of hand. Last […]

Quick Fix: Mixed-Mushroom Salad

Sometimes you need a meal you can pull together out of just what happens to be in your cabinets. This is one of those meals… The other day I found several jars of marinated mushrooms, at the Dollar Store of all places. I picked up several different kinds… the one here was a mix of […]

Sweet Potato Fries

These are great for Summer cookouts! -ed We weren’t always fans of sweet potatoes in this house, but that wasn’t the fault of the sweet potato – it was ignorance on our part. Our only knowledge of this orange potato was the mashed and topped with marshmallows version served as a Thanksgiving casserole. Not that […]

Cucumber & Tomato Summer Salad

Editor’s Note: Republished for our Summer recipe series! This salad is one of my favorites for the Summer, when the cucumbers and tomatoes are in abundance, but it’s great anytime you can get the ingredients and need a reminder of summer! This is a wonderful side salad, or modify it to be a great vegetarian […]

Carrot Souffle

[ed- Easter’s coming!  Dawn brings us a great idea to get your kids to eat Carrots!] I am NOT a fan of cooked carrots.  Never have been.  A few years ago my Step-mother hipped me to the Carrot Souffle at our local chain Cafeteria and I’ve been hooked ever since.  In the past I’ve just […]

Spotlight: Oven Fried Onion Rings

I posted these a few weeks ago to our Facebook page and they were so popular I figured I’d share them here as a Spotlight! The Brown Eyed Baker shares her recipe for doing onion rings, without a big ol pan of hot oil. So clever! I adore onion rings. Love them, really. Although I […]

Brussels Sprout

Wow – do Brussels Sprout have a bad rap.  Never has there been a vegetable so maligned without basis. Foolish person (aka my husband):  “Like, OMG Brussels Sprouts are like, so gross!” Me:  “Have you ever had one before?” Foolish person:  “No.  I don’t need to have one to know how much I hate it!” […]

Guestwhirl! Zesty Twice Baked Potatoes

A big thanks to reader Melissa (@ladyvella) for submitting this easy, tasty, and money saving idea!  These would be great as a side dish, or if cut smaller, party appetizers. About Melissa: “When I am not organizing cyber-clutter as a database administrator, I am changing diapers and taking care of my adorable daughter at our […]